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European Radiation Protection Course  - EDP Sciences

European Radiation Protection Course


Editorial coordination by Philippe Massiot and Christine Jimonet

May 2014

book price 69,00 €

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Current trends in radiation protection  - EDP Sciences

Current trends in radiation protection

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : Henri Métivier, Léopoldo Arranz, Eduardo Gallego and Annie Sugier

November 2004

book price 51,00 €

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Radioactive pollutants From François Bréchignac and Brenda J. Howard - EDP Sciences

Radioactive pollutants

Impact on the environnement

From François Bréchignac and Brenda J. Howard

January 2001

book price 59,00 €

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Radionuclides in the oceans  - EDP Sciences

Radionuclides in the oceans

Inputs and Inventories

Editorial coordination by Pierre Guéguéniat, Pierre Germain and Henri Métivier

January 1996

book price 43,00 €

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