Richard Zimmermann

Richard Zimmermann est chimiste, Docteur en sciences physique. Il s'est spécialisé en pharmacologie moléculaire. Après une carrière de recherche, il est désormais le Directeur des projets TEP Europe (Tomographie à émission de positons) au sein de CISBio-Shering. (au moment de la parution de l'ouvrage)


RICHARD ZIMMERMANN has spent fifteen years in the research departments of conventional pharmaceutical industries based in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, in fields such as cardiology, immunology, and gastroenterology. Since 1999, he has been actively involved in the industrial nuclear medicine field. He started as Head of Research and Development at Saclay, France; he then became Head of PET Business Europe, and was later appointed Head of Business
Development for a large radiopharmaceutical group. He has been an independent consultant since 2012 (Chrysalium Consulting); in addition, he is the chairman of two companies which are active in this field, and he is a board member and advisory board member of several other radiopharmaceutical companies. He has also initiated – and currently chairs – the Oncidium Foundation, aiming to promote radiotherapeutics.

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Nuclear medicine De Richard Zimmermann - EDP Sciences

Nuclear medicine

Radioactivity for diagnosis and therapy

De Richard Zimmermann

avril 2018

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La médecine nucléaire De Richard Zimmermann - EDP Sciences

La médecine nucléaire

La radioactivité au service du diagnostic et de la thérapie

De Richard Zimmermann

mai 2006

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