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David Izabel is a French mechanical engineer (INSA Rennes - Valedictorian) and professor at the Center des Hautes Etudes de la Construction. He has published various scientific physics articles on the analogy of general relativity with the theory of elasticity through the study of the mechanical characteristics of space-time (deformations, Young's modulus). He has also published 5 forms on the theory of sandwich beams and recently on the elasticity of space-time “what is space time made off? ". After 7 years spent at APPAVE as a technical controller specializing in building structures and civil engineering in steel, wood and concrete, he has been technical director of the Metallic Envelope and the Institute of the Metallic Envelope for 22 years. as a specialist in thin profiles and steel sandwich panels. He published in an American mathematical journal an article on the law of the evolution of chance.
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