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The European Astronomical Society was founded in 1990. The purpose of the society is to contribute to and promote the advancement of astronomy, in its broadest sense, in Europe. With this aim in mind, EAS decided to launch this Publications Series, whose goal is to publish the proceedings of selected scientific meetings.

This series on astronomical subjects welcomes the proceedings of colloquia, workshops, schools of high standard..., whether they are held in Europe or elsewhere.

EAS Publications Series

Scientific Editor: Corinne Charbonnel


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Conditions and Impact of Star Formation  - EDP Sciences

Conditions and Impact of Star Formation

New Results with Herschel and Beyond

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : M. Röllig, R. Simon, V. Ossenkopf and J. Stutzki

November 2011

book price 61,00 €

Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers  - EDP Sciences

Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers

Part 2

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : Christiaan Sterken

August 2011

book price 61,00 €

PAHs and the Universe  - EDP Sciences

PAHs and the Universe

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : C. Joblin and A.G.G.M Tielens

July 2011

book price 70,00 €

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CRAL-2010  - EDP Sciences


A Universe of Dwarf Galaxies

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : M. Koleva, Ph. Prugniel and I. Vauglin

July 2011

book price 89,00 €

3rd ARENA Conference  - EDP Sciences

3rd ARENA Conference

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : L. Spinoglio and N. Epchtein

May 2010

book price 88,00 €

GAIA: At the Frontiers of Astrometry  - EDP Sciences

GAIA: At the Frontiers of Astrometry

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : C. Turon, F. Meynadier and F. Arenou

May 2010

book price 80,00 €

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2nd ARENA Conference  - EDP Sciences

2nd ARENA Conference

On "The Astrophysical Science Cases at Dome C"

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : N. Epchtein, Heike Rauer and Haus Zinnecker

June 2009

book price 56,00 €

1st ARENA Conference  - EDP Sciences

1st ARENA Conference

On “Large Astronomical Infrastructures at CONCORDIA, prospects and constraints for Antarctic Optical/IR Astronomy”

Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : M. Candidi and N. Epchtein

July 2007

book price 48,00 €