How to read an ebook ?

You downloaded a PDF or an ePub ? Find below some advice to read them properly :


To read a PDF on your computer (PC ou MAC), we recommend that you use the free software «Adobe Acrobat Reader» or «Adobe Digital Editions».

Adobe Acrobat Reader :

Adobe Digital Editions :


To read on ePub on your computer, we recommend that you use "ePub Reader" on Mozilla or "Readium" on Chrome.

ePub Reader - Install ePub Reader then use Mozilla to open your ePub.

Readium - Open Google Chrome, find the extensions and install Readium. You have to add the ePub in your library in order to read it (click on the "Add a new ePub button, and then on "Select files").

On your tablet, you can use Play Livres. More readers are freely downloadable.

To read more information about how to download your ebooks, please consult Downloads.

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