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Downloading of works

This website allows you to download eBooks after their purchase.

What is a download ? 

It consists in the transmission and reproduction on a back-up device (USB key, hard drive...) that belongs to the client of a digital file representing the work bought.

How to read and ebook ?


To read a PDF on your computer (PC ou MAC), we recommend that you use the free software «Adobe Acrobat Reader» or «Adobe Digital Editions».

Adobe Acrobat Reader : http://www.adobe.com/fr/products/reader/ 

Adobe Digital Editions : http://www.adobe.com/fr/products/digitaleditions/



To read on ePub on your computer, we recommend that you use "ePub Reader" on Mozilla or "Readium" on Chrome.

•ePub Reader - Install ePub Reader then use Mozilla to open your ePub.

•Readium - Open Google Chrome, find the extensions and install Readium. You have to add the ePub in your library in order to read it (click on the "Add a new ePub button, and then on "Select files").

On your tablet, you can use Play Livres. More readers are freely downloadable.


Availability of the eBooks

The client can access to the eBooks 24/7. EDP Science can however shut down the access to eBooks without notice. 

EDPScience can't be held responsible for technical problems which are not linked to its service, such as connection problems due to internet providers or computer problems due to the devices of the client. 

How to download an eBook ?

A few minutes after the purchase, the client will receive an email with a single use link to download the file. This link functions for two days. Beyond this time period, or if the first download did not work, the client can sign up to its account and go to "My media center" to access to the digital items previously bought. 

After your purchase

Digital books can't be exchanged or refunded. However, if despite the care taken in producing the eBooks you notice a defect that prevent you from read the digital book, you can contact us to freely benefit from the corrected version of the book.  

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