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Are you an author or future author and would like to entrust us with your project?

Please send us :

  • a summary or a detailed table of contents;


  • one or more written chapters;


  • your CV.

All projects received are registered and analysed. Pre-selected projects are submitted to the editorial committee of the project subject. The editorial committee is composed of heads of scientific sectors, and discusses the editorial projects and submits them to the expertise of a number of "referees" recognised in their field. When the book receives a positive decision for publication, a publishing contract is sent to the authors. The average publication time is variable and depends mainly on any revisions requested from the author.

Authors proposing a manuscript may be guided by the following input recommendations :

1. Size of the book :

On average, a 240-page book represents about 500,000 signs (this number of signs includes characters and spaces, but not figures and diagrams).

2. The text :

The text should be structured according to the international numbering system (1; 1.1; 1.2, etc.); for the number of levels of titles (hierarchy), the maximum recommended is a level 3 heading (example: 1.1.3). Beyond that, do not use numbering but dashes (avoid (i), (ii), etc.). This numbering is internal to each chapter, independent of the chapter number. Introductions and conclusions are not numbered, either within each chapter or at the level of the book. Do not insert style sheets or automatic chapter or section numbering.

3. Appendices :

Appendices should be labelled in alphabetical order using capital letters: Appendix A then Appendix B, etc. Each appendix should be presented in the same way as a chapter (same levels of titles (1., 1.1., etc.)).

4. Index :

If you are preparing an index, specific guidance will be provided.

5. Glossary :

It is advisable to provide definitions of words that may be used in a glossary.

6. Table of acronyms :

A table is useful if there is an abundance of acronyms. In all cases, it is useful to expand on the acronym in the text when it first appears.

7. Sending of the text :

A hard copy of the text and figures must accompany the electronic files (Word or Latex). For Latex files, please also give us the macros used.

Contact :

Magalie Jolivet (e-mail)

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