Third International Conference ondirectional Detection of Dark Matter


Editeur(s) scientifique(s) : F. Mayet and D. Santos


EDP Sciences - Collection: EAS Publication Series - February 2012

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    Directional detection of galactic Dark Matter is a promising search strategy aiming at identifying weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) as such by taking advantage of the expected direction dependence of WIMP-induced events toward the constellation Cygnus. The third CYGNUS workshop on directional dark matter detection has been organised by LPSC Grenoble and held at AUSSOIS (France), from June 7-10, 2011.

    This international conference serie brings together the scientific community working on both theoretical and experimental aspects of directional dark matter detection and the galactic dark matter distribution. In this conference we focussed on: technical progress on gaseous detectors, data analysis (3D, sense recognition, ...), experimental results from directional prototypes, phenomenological studies and dark matter halo dynamics.

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